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Denis Hamill: IS 293 Student’s Life Saved at LICH Wednesday; Would Likely Have Died if LICH Not Available

According to Denis Hamill’s column in the Daily News, this past Wednesday a 13 year old boy, a student at IS 293 on Baltic Street, went into cardiac arrest and was taken to the Long Island College Hospital emergency room, where a team of paramedics was able to resuscitate him.

“It took us just two minutes to race him to the LICH ER,” says [paramedic David] Medina. “If we had to go to Brooklyn Hospital or Methodist Hospital, it would have taken at least eight minutes.”

In other words: no LICH, the boy most likely would be dead.

Hamill also reports that LICH is critically short of many essential medical supplies. He cites a doctor who wanted to take a patient’s temperature, but couldn’t find thermometer probe covers. As it turned out, there was one box for an entire floor. LICH’s “dedicated staffers”, says Hamill, “are lower on supplies than a MASH unit.”

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