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Breukelen: What Would Gordon Ramsay Do?

A sign on the door at Breukelen claims that the restaurant is “taking a breather” and has shut down.  As “anon” commented here earlier that’s restaurant speak for out of business.  But let’s assume that they really are “just resting” and not dead.  To awake from their slumber and become profitable they’ll need to reinvent, revamp and change up what they’re doing.  Since we watch way too much TV, the first thing that popped into our head was “What Would Gordon Ramsay Do?”

Yes folks, the foul-mouthed celebrity chef, disciple of the original culinary bad boy Marco Pierre White and host of Kitchen Nightmares would totally pull Breukelen out of its foodie coma.

We’ve seen every episode – UK and US versions.  This is what we think Gordon would recommend:

  • Change the name to Brooklyn, no one knows how to say Breukelen and face it… it’s pretentious
  • You’re next door to a very family friendly park, your menu should be family friendly and affordable
  • You’re also next door to an outstanding restaurant Ted & Honey.  Take advantage of their popularity and offer a viable and affordable alternative to their comfort food offerings
  • Yes ladies and gentlemen, Gordon would suggest family style dining with whole roast chicken carved at your table, burgers, ribs,chops, steaks.
  • And, naturally, banana splits for desert. Taking a cue from nearby Farmacy offer ice cream sodas, sundaes etc.
  • Oh and don’t forget some hype in the spirit of Gordon’s “Campaign for Real Gravy” at the Fenwick Arms in Claughton (UK):

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