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P.S. 29 Playground Destruction: Parents Pay Up for their Teens’ “Mistake”

Claiming the fire that destroyed part of the new P.S. 29 playground over the weekend was “an accident”,  a lawyer representing the parents of the teens responsible says they’re ready to pay restitution. According to an exclusive in the Brooklyn Eagle, attorney Sam Gregory has set up a $50,000 fund, financed by the teens’ families, to fix the damage.

Brooklyn Eagle: While Gregory was not at liberty to describe the actual method the teens used to burn down the play equipment pending the completion of the Fire Marshal’s investigation, it appears the conflagration was the result of horseplay gone horribly awry. “They didn’t intend to destroy the playground at the elementary school,” he said. “They’re neighborhood kids. Teens. It was dumb, but it was not an intentional act.”

Couple of things, first thanks to the Brooklyn Eagle for quoting our headline calling the “arsonists” “juvies“.  Secondly – please someone tell us what type of “horseplay” goes so wrong that a playground burns down?  Lightsaber training? Flamethrower tag?

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