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Plotzing Over Henry Public Opening

“Friends and family” have had their preview of the Henry Public, the new gastropub from the folks at Brooklyn Social and they are raving.

Loungerati: Now to my forte – the drinks. The cocktails are a mix of originals and reinvented classics but the atmosphere is come as you are. It is not another speakeasy, but HP tips their hat in their direction with regards to fresh ingredients and vintage technique. Five local beers on tap, a dozen tasty cocktails, and a simple straightforward menu that includes a perfectly cooked grass-fed beef burger from Orwashers, house made juniper pickles, oysters, and a turkey leg sandwich make the place a destination throughout the night.

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And “Toddy” comments here on CHB:

We were gifted with a “friends and family” invite last night and enjoyed the coziness and the delicious burgers alike. The burgers aren’t typical burger fare, more given to a meat sandich type situation. Lightly flavored and perfectly cooked, I would put them up there as great bar food. The mutton sandwich was even better, gooey and soft and melt int eh mouth sort of thing. Also the marrow on toast was an interesting diversion. I can see it being something of a Saturday afternoon destination after a soccer match. It has the perfect vibe for that sort of thing and the perfect menu as well. The bartenders, like at the Social, are well versed and intellectual about their tending, but they still offer the same warmth. Super neat spot. Granted, I’m a sucker for this sort of place. Bar food made better.

Henry Public, 329 Henry St. Cobble Hill 718-852-8630

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