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Sohn/Smartmom Faceoff: Nobody’s Right if Everybody’s Wrong

Nothing tickles us more than drama in Park Slope.  Why? It makes us feel better about ourselves? OK? Are you happy now? Now get your schadenfreude on and indulge:

Gothamist writes today: Prospect Park West, Amy Sohn’s new novel depicting (and picking apart) the people and places in that neighborhood, has fallen into the hands of Smartmom, Louise Crawford. In an incredibly breathy takedown, Crawford comes off as insulted, and maybe a little jealous of the neighborhood author.

For one thing, she doesn’t like the Bugaboo culture cliches, the sexless marriages exposed, and whatever else Park Slope parents are generalized for—but then she goes on to say that she’s “written about just about everything Sohn covers in the novel.” She also seems opposed to Sohn including a frumpy character in her book (named Karen), but then has no problem admitting, “We all know many like Karen and Sohn writes good and mean about this pathetic, unattractive supermom who is obsessed with buying a coop and getting her kid into PS 321.”

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