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Watty & Meg: not worth it

Quite a few of you commented on the Serious Eats review of Watty & Meg, mostly agreeing with its grade of a B. I gave it about a month and a half to iron out kinks before I dined there, and after a Sunday evening dinner, I’d have to say that a B is very generous. Aside from the painfully slow service, the food was hardly mediocre, and often over-seasoned. The pictures above (apologies for the poor quality: photos from iPhone + poor lighting) show a few of the dishes my dining companions and I ate.

The mussels appetizer should have been described as being served cold, which certainly wasn’t what we were hoping for or expecting. The shrimp & grits were heavy with a mix of creamy grits covered in way too much melted cheese that resulted in a puddle of oil that the shrimps rested in. Worst of all was the whole trout (unworthy of a photograph), which was dry and clearly not fresh. It takes a lot to make a whole fish dry, and Watty & Meg managed to do it. The desserts sounded appetizing, but we decided to pass due to the fact that we didn’t want to risk sitting there for another 30 minutes waiting for it to be served. For the prices they’re charging, the folks at Watty & Meg should really get their act together, from servers to cooks.

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