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Waiting for Ganesh at Brooklyn Artists Gym

Last Saturday night, April 4, I jumped on the F train, got off at Smith and 9th for The Ganesh Experiment at The Brooklyn Artists Gym. Down a dark street and over the Gowanus Canal, I found myself at 168 7th Street, the home of the Gym. Up on the third floor, 10,000 square feet, I found a large buzzing hive of about 40 artists and musicians. Oh my. Where to begin? For me, a glass of wine. Thus armed, I walked into the main gallery.

I counted sixteen visual artists seated at long tables in a very large room. One woman was creating a collage of tin foil, another was devising a mobile from kitchen utensils, another was drawing tiny triangles with mathematical precision, another was pouring paint, Pollack-like, onto a canvas. Music played. Loud. People mingled, people drank, people watched, people created. I asked several artists, “What are you doing?” Some replied they were creating the background. “The background for what,” I asked. For the models, they answered.

I thought, oh, its like they are waiting for Godot. But not really. The models did appear. Two women, nude, covered in tempera paint; blue, red, yellow. They took their place high above the crowd. Now the hive was really buzzing. The music reached a fever pitch. It was chaos, a carnival, an homage to Ganesh, the patron saint of art and music. It was time for another glass of wine.

In a smaller gallery, performance artist, Adina Bier (pictured) was wrapped up in bright scraps of fabric from head to toe, like a mummy. She was taking the same type of fabric and nailing it into the walls of the gallery until she had created a spider web around her. I was sitting on a couch, and she climbed right over me, bam, bam, bam, climbed down and did it again. Over and over, until she was almost swallowed up. It was hypnotic. The chaos continued in the other galleries.

Props to Devin Febbroriello, the Event Producer. The press release promised an evening inspired by the art happenings of the 60’s. The Ganesh Experiment also asked: What is the cycle of art, where does one form begin and another end, where does the line between artist and spectator cross? And if that is too metaphysical for you, a buzzing hive of conviviality works as well.

The Brooklyn Artists Gym, founded by Peter Wallace, is an artist studio and gallery facility in the Park Slope/Gowanus area of Brooklyn. BAG’s mission is to help make it possible for artists to further their work and careers at a reasonable cost. In fact, The Ganesh Experiment, was a fund raiser for the The BAG Fund that helps support the artist with three different programs— one includes the Single Parent Artists Program. To find out more about this amazing space, and upcoming events:

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