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Electric Company Scammers Out in Nabe

are trolling around our area trying to dupe folks into switching to their crappy electric company from Con Edison.

The Gowanus Lounge writes: Last week, we featured utility scammers working around Greenwood Heights courtesy of warning from Aaron Brashear of Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights. We had this story and this follow up the very same day. In those cases, reps from IDT Energy were switching people from Con Ed without their consent. (We don’t have a love affair with Con Ed, but a scam is not a way to escape their clutches. For full details onthe IDT scam head over to Consumerist, which has been chronicling this crap in great detail.) Well, it’s going on in more places and is a HUGE story. In any case, there are now reports coming via BoCoCa Parents of other energy scammers at work.

A Cobble Hillbilly tells GL:

we too had someone come knocking at our door in Cobble Hill mid-day a week or two ago (and we live in an apartment building, so someone let him in) saying through the peephole that he was “from the electric company” and needed to see a copy of our ConEd bill to tell us how we could save $. Needless to say, I did not open the door (thinking- “Why the heck would ConEd need to come to my home to see a copy of my bill?! Must be some strange scam.”)…It was pretty creepy when it happened.

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