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One Day Closer to Ms. McCord’s Closeup

Tuesday night marks the premiere of Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo. It’s the event of the year for us here at CHB as real life Cobble Hillbilly Alex McCord is starring in this second edition of the “Real Housewives” series. From the sneak preview that Bravo ran over the weekend we understand that all these ladies are obsessed with being part of SOCIETY. Now as our mama once told us, “a real socialite has her name in the newspaper three times – birth, wedding, death.” So are these gals real socialites? Heck, McCord is NOT EVEN FROM NEW YORK (she’s from Kansas or one of those places you fly over). But anyway we can’t wait!:

Newsday: The Second Wives Club: “For me, it’s been a living photo album of my life,” says Alex McCord, a Kansas-bred newcomer to Manhattan society whose husband runs boutique hotels and helps raise their two bilingual toddlers with the aid of a French au pair. McCord also hopes, she said in a recent conference call, “to bring awareness to a lot of the charitable things I do in the city. I think you’ll see on the show there’s a lot more going on than just shopping.”

…Filming took place over about 28 days, McCord said, “time spent with us on vacation, time spent with us in New York attending various events.” She says the shooting “didn’t impact our lives all that much,” though she and husband Simon found themselves “being the go-between” among the filmmakers and the producers of events they attended. De Lesseps said the crew spent most of its time with her family at their estate in the Hamptons, also frequented in the series by Zarin’s family and that of fifth “housewife” Ramona Singer, the latter two engaged in a heated rivalry at tennis and social events.

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