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Claim: Court Street Trader Joe’s Dead

There are times when we’re glad that CHB is just a blog. Why? Heck, we don’t have to abide by some of the rules of “regular” journalism — you know checking facts and stuff. But we will ask that you take this “report” with a grain of salt (unless we’re right, then tell everyone you read it here first). An anonymous post claims:

I work for TJ’s at 14th st store and we were officially told the store is not coming. Management could not agree with the terms by Two Trees. We heard it was bad.. Management is looking for another location in Brooklyn, maybe around Red Hook area.

Again, let us reiterate that this is an ANONYMOUS post and this is UNCONFIRMED.  And of course, there’s a commenter over at McBrooklyn who IDENTIFIED themselves and claims the TJs is set to open this Spring. But the whole thing going sideways sure is plausible, eh?