Local Elected Officials’ Statement on LICH

We’ve received this statement about the SUNY deal with Fortis concerning Long Island College Hospital from the office of State Senator Daniel Squadron (photo). It is also signed by Assemblywoman Joan Millman, and Councilmembers Brad Lander, Steve Levin, and Carlos Menchaca:

We are distressed that SUNY has yet again ignored the needs of the community. At every step we have called for the best possible healthcare services at the LICH site, and at every step SUNY has refused to heed our calls, costing the state tens of millions and denying Brooklyn the vital healthcare it needs. While this agreement includes some healthcare services, it falls far short of a full-service hospital. And it does not resume immediate ambulance service, nor require an independent community needs assessment. We will continue to stand with the community, and urge SUNY and all parties to work collaboratively to meet the needs of the neighborhood and all of Brooklyn.

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One Response to Local Elected Officials’ Statement on LICH

  1. lilly lopez June 17, 2014 at 5:32 pm #

    I stated to work atLICH on July 26th 1989,when i started we were so busy there was standing room only,The only people that will be affected is the community not one but five.Can they explain how the 40 year old man died because the ambulance could not find the address This gentleman has been coming to LICH all the time this time it took 1 hour and some minutes to bring him to Methodist whee he was pronounced dead.The wife kept telling them he goes to LICH but LICH was not accepting ambulances so he died.That is only one incident there will be alot more.The Governor does not care for the people in the neighborhood all they ant is to make LICH i to condos.There is a GOD ad he will take care of all the ugliness.I was laid off because i was framed by the union and HR.There should be some justice and i hope it comes soon.Please i have alot to say.I have worked at LICH 25 years ad have optin go show for it not even a severance pay.I was blackmailed and threatened so i left and never looked back.Urgent care is not a good idea it will never work