SUNY Drops LICH Talks with Peebles; Turns to Fortis

The Brooklyn Paper reports that SUNY today announced it has broken off talks with Peebles Corporation, which became the favored bidder for Long Island College Hospital after the initial first place bidder, Brooklyn Health Partners, was declared disqualified. SUNY is now negotiating with Fortis Property Group, which scored third in the bidding and which, in addition to converting much of the LICH site to residential use, will provide, in conjunction with NYU Langone Medical Center and Lutheran Health Care, an ambulatory surgical facility and cancer center. No word on an emergency room. The Brooklyn Paper piece quotes SUNY spokesman David Doyle:

Several portions of the Peebles proposal have dramatically changed, including the possibility of long delays in the manner and method in which healthcare will be provided at the site.

Doyle is also quoted as saying that SUNY will continue to keep the LICH emergency room open as it negotiates with Fortis.

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One Response to SUNY Drops LICH Talks with Peebles; Turns to Fortis

  1. JohnHancock June 2, 2014 at 5:10 pm #

    Seriously? A hospital that houses a morgue and plenty of people that died for years will be converted into a residential place? hahaha. That place will be cursed for the next 150 years. It will barely live on to what the developers are investing on it. Bad accidents will happen to its future owners, residents, and contractors– just wait and see.