Semi-Homemade Solution: Is Cuomo Looking For Peace With Honor In #SaveLICH Drama?

Yesterday’s ruling by Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes to, among other things, restore service at Long Island College Hospital to the same level it was at on July 19 has the community speculating about what might be going on behind the scenes.

George Fiala, who has been tenaciously covering the drama at LICH, writes today:

Red Hook Star Ledger: It turns out Baynes didn’t issue a final decision. That was held in abeyance for the time being as all the parties are “engaged in ongoing good faith negotiations and hope to resolve the matter to their satisfaction,” according to the court papers. Political pressure, probably very strong political pressure from Governor Cuomo, also might have had something to do with it. Cuomo took three days from his upstate promotion of tourism to come to NYC, with no appearances scheduled. Speculation from this quarter is he might have paid a visit to his SUNY Board of Trustee underlings to figure out what to do – namely, how to save face and come to some sort of agreement that the public will accept.

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One Response to Semi-Homemade Solution: Is Cuomo Looking For Peace With Honor In #SaveLICH Drama?

  1. scs August 17, 2013 at 9:52 am #

    LICH always had an urgent care center next to its emergency room. Now the entire emergency room is being operated as a walk-in urgent care center. Obviously it’s not working for us or for Brooklyn. We need LICH to be a full emergency room with the back-up of real hospital services. What good is having just an emergency room without a hospital to back it up? If you have a stroke or heart attack, within minutes of arrival to the ER you need to be up in the operating room or heart roto-router room. Shipping people out in ambulance to go someplace else is what’s happening now – it’s time wasted, minutes lost, & damage/death can be the result. We need a REAL emergency room with a HOSPITAL to back it up. Everybody needs to be on that same page when negotiating any settlement.