Encouraging News on the #SaveLICH Front

The City council has passed a resolution, and the management of SUNY downstate has made what seems to be a positive move. Read about it in BHB.

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One Response to Encouraging News on the #SaveLICH Front

  1. Natalie H. Mata April 26, 2013 at 1:56 pm #

    The retention of LICH in this large quadrant of Brooklyn is vital.
    Think of the Boston bombings, and what the lack of a hospital in this area might mean for the many public gatherings taking place around the courts, the waterfront, suibway intersections, sport venues, bridges, etc.
    How close we are to lower Manhattan by water, bridge or tunnel…is another Boro hospital more convenient to those in need of emergency care?
    We cannot be secure when real estate
    interests appear to be the predominant motive for disruption
    of wiser planning for Brooklyn; already many buildings are in
    stages of residential completion. Lets not remove hospital
    services in this area at the same time as the population con-
    tinues growing.