‘How To Dress Like A Park Slope Mom’

Blog F’d In Park Slope offers a good hipster read on “How To Dress Like A Park Slope Mom.” Oh, yeah… The story opens, “While Manhattan would win the boroughs’ best dressed award, Brooklyn is a close second with its overabundance of designers, boutiques, trendsetters and those annoying bloggers. Park Slope is no exception.”

Writer LJ offers:
1. Buy really obscure, expensive accessories that don’t look particularly high-priced.
2. Get you some No. 6 clogs.
3. Grow your hair out. Don’t wash it. Pay a couple benjamins to have some stylist make your hair resemble grown-out highlights. Like, two years grown out. Try really hard to make it look like you didn’t try at all.
4. Wear tiny geometric jewelry. From A. Cheng or Verameat or Etsy. Shell out the big bucks for accessories so small, they are hardly noticeable to the human eye.
5. Walk with an air of competition. Competition and arrogance might sound like the nature of a Manhattan woman, but the things a Park Slope mom cares about are very different. PS moms brag about their child’s ability to adapt to re-directive parenting, their emotional maturity, their personal choice to be a vegetarian at age 9.

Tee hee…

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