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Since their grand opening just a few weeks ago, the design world has gone gaga over Flavor Paper – just take a look at their extensive press listings. The new designer wallpaper company has moved its operational hub from New Orleans to 216 Pacific Street, and their four-story home base may just be the most visually stunning local business around. Flavor Paper founder Jon Sherman has worked for many years developing the new space, and his attention to detail makes their headquarters a feast for the eyes.

Read the full story and check out some of the spectacular pictures by staff photographers THE SHALTZES after the jump.

We do probably 80% of our business inside New York, so it seemed like a natural carbon footprint reducing, sales increasing move, which made a lot of sense. New Orleans was always a tough place to produce wallpaper. We were right on the Mississippi and the Industrial Canal right at the corner. So you know, not only was 100% humidity 300 days of the year but we had lots of flooding and rain issues – we would lose power all the time. There were a lot of issues.

New Orleans’ loss is surely our neighborhood’s gain. The hand-printed designs producted by Sherman and his team are truly unique, and the visual aesthetic presented in their patterns – with an emphasis on modernizing 1970s designs – is reflected in their impeccably laid out showroom-cum-factory.

Flavor Paper can help you add a splash of excitement to any room, and given the reasonable rates for their wallpapers, all replete with bright house-mixed colors and intriguing custom designs, that excitement is well within reach. Sherman says with three rolls of their product you can wallpaper a 10′ x 10′ room for just $450. Here he poses with some of his stunning designs.

Sherman and Flavor Paper have settled quickly into the neighborhood, and the location has turned out to be a dream for the whole staff, many of whom live in the handful of residences built into the converted beverage supply store. Says Sherman:

I just love this area. It really had everything we were looking for, and reminded me of old-school French Quarter New Orleans, where everything is within walking distance. You don’t have to have a major grocery store. You go to your corner veggie store, you go to your meat place, you go to your fish place. That really just appealed to me in a lot of ways, and because we were looking for a space where we would also live, we wanted someplace that would be great. I was bringing families from Maine, people from Iowa, all of them converging in Brooklyn. So it had to have a great homey vibe to the neighborhood that we’d want to live in and also work in. And everything we do here is water based, so we’re not infringing upon the environmental side at all. We’re very eco-concious here, which is great, since we wouldn’t want to step into this lovely nabe and pollute it. We’re happy to keep it that way.

One of Flavor Paper’s most interesting decisions was to keep the production process public. The tall windows at their Pacific Street headquarters allow passers-by a peek into the design process.

We’re always windows open, printing, so people can watch the process happening. We really tried to make that sort of a focal point with the front windows, so you can see where things are really made and see this ancient craft modernizing, and the mirrors [above the printing tables] to see how the layers go down. We tried to bring up the manufacturing side of it, even though it’s art. Handmade but manufactured, bringing the neighborhood a public display of art.

It’s not just open production that makes the Flavor Paper factory such an intriguing place; the roof, featuring lovely views of church spires and the skyscrapers of Downtown Brooklyn, is also adorned with a garden that staff call “The Higher Line.” The gorgeous green space was designed by Verdant Gardens, a tenant within the Flavor Paper factory.

Anyone with a passion for interior design should schedule a tour of the space. Glorious colors glitter in every corner, and for the craft-inclined among us, Flavor Paper saves their cutting scraps and provides the materials to local artists free of charge.

That bathroom with the wallpaper you hate has got to go – you can give your brownstone a flash of modernity with the help of Flavor Paper. And for the narcissistic among us, they’ve just started a line of digital prints, so now you can finally get the 20-foot vinyl blow-up of yourself that you’ve always wanted.

Be sure to check out the rest of the fantastic photographs in the below slideshow of our tour of Flavor Paper’s remarkable space.

All Photos © THE SHALTZES/photographers

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