Alex McCord’s Feedbag and Travel Tips

Flickr photo by martina borowski

Flickr photo by martina borowski

Cobble Hillbilly/Real Housewives of New York City cast member Alex McCord  blogs  about the FEEDbag corset she sported in last week’s episode.  She also shares some travel tips with Aly-tude of

The most important thing when planning a vacation is to choose a place that has plenty of activities to amuse kids but also offers a relaxing environment for parents. “Simon and I used to take Francois and Johan too once he came along, to Cannes every year, says Alex. We knew there would be countless carousels and new playgrounds for boys to explore which always kept them excited and occupied. And although it’s not for us, others swear by all-inclusive resorts.” Resorts with special inclusive programs for children can be wonderful because the programs help balance the time children spend immersed in a fun and child friendly environment with time they spend enjoying their vacation with their parents.

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